Meet Us

A few years ago we traveled to Africa on a humanitarian trip. Upon visiting a refugee camp in Liberia we came face to face with the tragedy of severe acute malnutrition and the incredible life-saving food that was combating it. We’d seen Plumpy’Nut® hailed as a “miracle supplement” on 60 Minutes, but to witness it literally lifting children from the brink of starvation was a watershed moment for us. This Bar Saves Lives began taking shape right then and there. What if we could make a wholesome, delicious nutrition bar... and use that to raise awareness and funds to help fight malnutrition around the world? Well, after a couple years of R&D (read: eating our body weights in nuts, grains, and fruit) and partnering with two very impressive non-profit Giving Partners, here we are. We’re honored to have you join this movement and can’t wait for what’s to come.